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And I'm throwing away the letters that I am writing you [entries|friends|calendar]
*Kelly Elizabeth*

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Myspace..Add it! [06 Mar 2006|05:03pm]
Just thought I would say that I definantly do not use this thing anymore...I joined the bandwagon and got a myspace...Yes, it is taking over But yea...Check it out and add me! http://www.myspace.com/kelly2926
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And I'm not who I thought I was, 24 hours ago [20 Jan 2006|08:37pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I finally have decided where I am going to go to college....


M.S.U   Leaving Muskegon for East Lansing! Can't wait!

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I lay my head back down, and i lift my head and pray, to be only yours, i pray [20 Dec 2005|09:11pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I Have not written in here for quite some time! I have been extremely busy, with school, work, homework, as well as other things consuming all of my time. The Christmas dance was a pretty fun night, I do have to say! I have pictures and I just got a myspace, so I shall put those on it....Do not have anything interesting going on with guys...just a few minor crushes ;( I am far too busy for a guy right now anyway! EXCITING news...Stacie, Jenni, and I are going to the NIckelback and Trapt concert in Febuary Bitches..Yes be jealous! Hah, it is going to be GREAT! Cannot wait..and Jill and I are going to be camp councellors the week before! Me and Jill in the same cabin oh gosh! JUst like it was in Spain and France...Staying up all night and talking hah.... 

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I won't talk, I won't breathe, I won't move til you finally see me, that you belong with me... [18 Nov 2005|08:44pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

SuCkS....lIkInG sOmEoNe WiTh A gIrLfRiEnD....oH wElL...


                                      * *

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Why does high school have to have so much drama....its our last year, there shouldnt be any! [05 Nov 2005|03:57pm]
[ mood | content ]

Randomness...I know

-Too much drama lately

+/- Graduating in like 7 months...Kinda happy, but also a little scared

+School is going great...my english grade kinda sucks...have to talk to Krispin about that

+Going to take a biology class at MCC next semester..Excited about that

-One of my managers at work does not know what the hell he is doing

-Getting sick of my friends lying, one in particular

-Want to get my nose pierced really bad, but I can't because of my work

Well, I am off..ADIOS!

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Wonderin' if it's too late, should I go back and graduate... [30 Oct 2005|07:31pm]
[ mood | content ]

SO, been in a pretty good, well, GREAT mood lately!Everything has been fun lately and it is crazy that in about 7 months I will be graduating. School has been pretty good as well. THe only clas that i am kinda struggling in is AP english and I have like a 92%...But, oh well, I have like 5 days to bring it up! In a way I don't want this year to end...I mean I have waited for like 4 years to be a senior and to be abke to get out of school early and graduate, but now, that time is almost here and it is surreal! I am scared to move away from my friends and my mom! :' (...Unfortunantly I haven't got my decision letters from the 2 colleges that I most want to go to! I have from GVSU and CMU...but they are 2nd choices. AHhh, i have stuff to do...so i am OuT PeAcE... 

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[30 Oct 2005|04:33pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

People are so two-faced sometimes, well, all the time lately....Makes you re-think who you can trust....If some talks bad about someone behind their backs, it starts to make you think that maybe they do that to you as well, no matter how good of a friend they say they are....

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Don't know where I'm going or how long I'll be gone, all I know is that I wish you would be here... [25 Oct 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

...........Collapse )

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.......... [22 Oct 2005|12:02am]
[ mood | tired ]

ACT tomrorrow...Yay..I guess!?

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I'm standing here until you make me move, I'm hanging by a moment here with *YoU*! [19 Oct 2005|10:48pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

There will AlWaYs be that one guy you think of before you go to sleep, and once you wake up. When you are surrounded by your friends, and when you are alone. When you are happy, and when you are sad. That one guy that will NeVeR be your's!

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I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain [17 Oct 2005|09:24pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I feel like even when I try, I fail...I can't pull my friken A- in AP english up....Actually it became a lower A- after today...Ahhh...It is frusterating! Damn it!

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[15 Oct 2005|09:08pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Got accepted to Central Michigan University today! Don't think I am going to go there though...back up school...However, the Board of Trustees Honor Scholor ship that I will get if I go there worth $2,000 per year for like 3 year is pretty inviting lol...But I don't know..I really want to go to U of M...and I mean REALLY, REALLY want to go...AHHH I am obsessed! I think I should go proofread my english paper...I think my cousin stood me up...lol...She was supposed to pick me up to go to a reception, but she has not came yet....I feel cool...it's Saturday night and I have nothing to do now...gotta be to work @ 9 a.m tomorrow...then doing a pop-can drive for S.A.D.D tomorrow...yippee! The pop can drive might be kind of fun, it was fun when me and Jill put the slips of paper in mail boxes.....haha... I'm Out though.. P.e.A.C.e...

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And I'm not who I thought I was, 24 hours ago [11 Oct 2005|11:10pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

People preach to you about how they have changed, when they really haven't at all. They lie about all sorts of shit and then when you say they are a liar their response is, "No, I'm not"...Bullshit Bitch!

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[09 Oct 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | pensive ]

'06...Collapse )

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[04 Oct 2005|10:44pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So, I go to the counselors office every morning to talk to Mr SMith so that he can fill out my forms for Michigan State University and Central Michigan University...and he is always busy...well, today I go down there...and no Mr smith...gosh, it's starting to bug me...he is always busy before school....never there during much, leaves school before I get down there after 6th hour....and i dont have time inbetween classes...So I am determined to give those forms to him by tomorrow! I couldn't even give my University of Michigan one to him so he got it via Mrs Webb..lol...grrrrr....Ahhhh...AP english impromptu tomorrow....Impromptu's once a week is getting a bit annoying!

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Sugar we're going down swingin', I'll be your number one with a bullet... [02 Oct 2005|08:48pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Finally done filling out friken college applications...now all I have to do is have my counselor fill out a form for MSU, CMU, and GVSU...Hopefully I get into U of M or MSU...if I don't I have no clue where I will be going to school..Gosh, I am starting to miss being a Junior...I don't think I am ready to graduate.....Gettin' kinda scared! I'm out!

P.E.A.C.E. B.I.T.C.H.E.S.

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Tell me what you thought about when you we gone and so alone, the worst was over... [29 Sep 2005|10:17pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

This thing so called life...Yea, it sucks and can kiss my ass!



When you like someone, I don't think it is by choice sometimes......which sucks when you know you shouldn't like the person, yet you do

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Whoa! [26 Sep 2005|11:02pm]
[ mood | excited ]

My Mom and Darrin changed their plans...they are now going to be gone from Friday at like 5 until SUnday! Hell Yes!

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Your just the best I ever had! [25 Sep 2005|11:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

This weekend...

Friday** Work...4- 7:15 ish...was very sick, but yet still had to go on counter by myself on a FRIDAY night! Then came home did a little homework and fell asleep...didnt feel well at all :(

Saturday** Worked 2-7..another day of not feeling well and i had to go on counter for 5 hours! Came home did a little of my engligh paper..then hung out with he gang at northway lanes, me n shawna talked, while the guys played pool..

Today** Went to Grandville with Kd...then we literally drove down EVERY side street off of Apple avenue for like an hour..Oh and in grandville Kd almost hit a person! ol  it was kind of funny and we saw some hot guys! Nice scenery there! LOL

Gotta finish up some homework, then go to bed!


My mom n darrin are going to be gone from Saturday morning til Sunday morning and Shawna's brother turns 21 on Friday and i dont work on saturday or sunday! This weekend should be a bunch of fun!!


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SENIORS class of '06 [20 Sep 2005|10:44pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So, the POWDER PUFF game is tomorrow @ 7.... I am so excited..this is really getting me into the SENIOR spirit. It is times like these when I actually think, wow, I might kind of miss RP!  Not too many of those moments come around though. I still can hardly believe that we're seniors already..we only have 8 months left til we start our lives without the comforts of high school and the people we grew up with....                  Class of 2006!!! Lets kick ass tomorrow night!

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